Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Randomosity in Photos


My lunch is made of awesome! And, probably, more chemicals than I should feel comfortable admitting.


Speaking of Rockstar, this is what a recent "grocery" shopping trip looked like. Don't judge me. I only have one a day, and these, in particular, are loaded with good vitamins. Honest. I swear.


Check out my hitch hiker! And my fierce neck waddle!


A reassesment of my running goals for this year (which may or may not get its own post. Do you really care?) means I may end up running more half marathons and just one full marathon (this one). I think this might keep me moving more and allow me to do more races and possibly have more fun.


Leninade! Yes, the bottle labeling was filled with clever puns. Fun!

Jet Blue Fail.JPG

Do you think Jet Blue is somehow missing the point? And, in case you're curious, these are basic, economy seats.

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