Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Internets Radio

I once had a coworker who didn't so much feel like she should have to do things the way they were supposed to be done (shocking coming from a state worker, right?). Instead of getting clarification when she couldn't remember how to do something, she'd just make it up as she went along. Frequently, this wouldn't even be the same way twice. When she was taken to task by our lead for not doing anything correctly, she went crying to our boss because our lead "was being mean" and had "hurt (her) feelings!"

And, for serious. We're all grown ups here, right? So I just don't understand what it is with some people and their grade school mentality. When someone calls you out, they're not doing it to "hurt (your) feelings". Grow the fuck up and learn to take some criticism. Or just do your damn job correctly and avoid the whole thing in the first place.

This is totally all I can think about when I hear this song:

So you can imagine how fucking annoying it is that it keeps getting stuck in my head.

And, because I'm sure someone is going to want to defend dear Taylor because she's just a pup, let me say that homegirl is old enough and has been in the business long enough that maybe it's ok if she were to grow the fuck up and start singing songs about things other than "oh wah, my poor little rich girl life is soooo hard."


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Cassie from Mornings On Fire said...

LOL! I have just one word for this entire post: YESSSSSS