Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Don't Wanna's

This morning I let the Don't Wanna's win.

And I want to act like that's ok, because everyone needs a rest day every now & again. Which is true. But I took a rest day on Monday when I chose not to get up super early on a day off (again) to make it to a workout class at 5:45am. I had made a deal with myself that, if I took the Sunday edition of that class, I'd sleep in on Monday. Except that I did not take the Sunday class. I did do my scheduled long run, though, because I'm not a complete slacker.

Tonight I will do my 30 minute run, as scheduled. Tomorrow I will go to yoga and Friday I will do my morning class. Maybe I will actually do the Sunday class this weekend after my long run, and start a week of hitting all my workouts.

This morning, though, I just could not stomach the thought of a morning full of rushing. I could not bear the thought of that drive to the farther-away gym, rushing there & back like someone gave the White Rabbit a V8 and a death wish. And I couldn't bear the thought of running just a touch behind where I'd like to be in my morning, all morning long.

So I let the Don't Wanna's win.

And I'm ok with that.

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paulawannacracker said...

I feel you about the "don't wanna". Sometimes, you just don't have it in ya. And yes, you are not a total slacker. You went out there and are doing your runs.

I too slacked off last night and on Monday... just didn't have it in me. Today I have 3 mile run scheduled and the sun is shining.

Hope you have a great run.