Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Love & Hate of Running

I hate how slow I am.

I hate how my brain can't let go of every stupid, little, naggy pain.

I hate the way it's so hard some days.

I hate when it feels so hard while I'm out there, but then feels like I have so much left in the tank when I'm done.

I hate the way it feels like I can't get the hang of it.

I hate how much it feels like I really don't know how I should be training.

I hate how insane my long run course looks.

I love the way it feels to be excited to go out for a run.

I love the way it feels to know that I can run.

I love how easy it is some days.

I love this great new adventure.

I love the trial & error.

I love the way it feels when I empty the tank and leave it all on the road.

I love how insane my new long run course looks.

I love knowing that I can get faster.

I love being unreasonably excited about a race* I can't even register for until May.

I love knowing that I CAN do this.

I love knowing that running not one but two marathons next year is not unreasonable.

I hope I can run at least one of them in less than eight hours.

*That would be Blood, Sweat and Beers. Look out May paycheck! You are going down!

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Syrlinus said...

One of the things I learned to do when first starting to do training for my long distance bicycling adventures was tossing the "I hates.." out as I went out on a 10+ hour ride. It turned my ride into a moment of spiritual glory (it sounds corny and all that but it's the closest way I can describe it).

And thanks for the card! Love the kitteh pic! :)