Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day Two

Today I got a manicure & pedicure for the first time In a couple months. It was so nice. Of course because I ADORE my manicurist


Gomi is in her bed, barking in her sleep. Ok, she NEVER gets this riled up when she's awake. What?

*end derail*

So of course I adore my manicurist and she does a WAY better job than I could ever do.

I promised myself a year ago, when I quit smoking, that I'd start getting monthly pedicures and that hasn't consistently happened. I promised myself I would get post-race pedicures and that hasn't consistently happened, either.

It's kind of sad, too. Not just because I adore my manicurist, but because the feet are special to Pisces. A weakness in both senses, we adore our feet and love doting on them and they are the weak link in the chain. Pisces are prone to foot & ankle problems.

But now all of my digits are impeccably manicured and gorgeous and I can go on about my business like the fishy demigoddess I am.

Which totally includes a mad scramble to the polling place, a new round of Body Fit Challenge tomorrow, and have I mentioned my road rash?

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