Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Day Nine

And there goes Syrlinus, explaining things that should have been obvious. I think maybe I'm spoiled. I expect a singular solution that just WORKS. But he's right, and sometimes you have to combine solutions to make a thing work.



I get it.

I'd been recording what I ate in my day planner, so I'll be continuing with that, and then transferring the information when I can. And we'll see how that works.

After last night's Body Fit Challenge workout, I dove into three rounds of yoga within 24 hours. Bringing my workout grand total to four hours in a 24.5 hour period.

Yes that felt pretty awesome.

And it feels pretty awesome to be able to do it.

I want to work harder at getting out running more regularly (where "more regularly" means "more than just on race days").

CalFit is running their Group Fit program, where taking group fitness classes earns you stickers which you can redeem for a tshirt & entry into a drawing for prizes. I want to use this as an excuse to try new classes, so I'll be checking out the schedules to see what's available. I want to create a list of classes I'd like to try with a goal of oging to each at least three times.

I'll let you know!

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