Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Eighteen

On May 26, 2010, I weighed 288 pounds.

This morning, when I weighed in at the doctor's office, I weighed 265.7 pounds.

I'm hoping the next 20 come off in less than six months. But I'm still totally proud of the progress.

I'm still piecing together an action plan for continuing my progress post-Body Fit Challenge. My plan is likely to include a 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I've managed to find yoga classes for every day of the week exceptWednesdays. However, thanks to podcasts from Yoga Journal, it looks like I can still get a yoga workout in on Wednesdays. So I might be starting that for the month of December. Let me know if you might be interested in joining the challenge with me. If anyone is interested, maybe we can work out details, options and maybe even prizes?

In related news, since I'm off of work for the entirety of Thanksgiving week, I have filled my calendar with all sorts of potential classes I can take at the gym while I'm off. I'm hoping to hit several classes that I would not otherwise be able to take. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

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Susan said...

I love the idea of a month of yoga!! I want to do a warm-up every morning. I think it is a great way to get myself moving. did you know that Comcast has them On Demand??