Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is my mailbox. It's kind of big. You can probably see that, yes? Tonight I came home to find mail spitting out the top of the box.




D'you know what it was? It wasn't letters or postcards or even bills.

100% pure political flyers.

Which were transported directly to the recycle bin. Such a shame, really. What a waste. This time of year makes me so very thankful we don't have regular tv. I could not imagine having to put up with all those political ads for months & months!


Mama C said...

I hate those ads! Such a waste of resources, ugh

Jude said...

Junk mail. I agree, it's all a waste of $'s, paper, trees, space...etc. And the posters that are lining the streets! Do they think the bigger they are the more votes they're going to get? Oh, and the TV ads.
Let the craziness end.