Friday, October 01, 2010

A Fairy Tale Involving a Curse, the Amish and Possibly a Troll


Are never going to believe what I did this morning.


Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?


I broke the other van.


It's had a bit of a hiccup for a couple weeks now, but no big deal, right?

Except that, this morning?

That bitch stalled on me.

Three times.

And then I finally get to work and get parked and attempt to go about my business.

Until I blew the breaker and shorted out half the office.

I mean, technically that probably wasn't my fault. I was just trying to make some copies.

But, let's face it. At this point, I'm cursed and should probably just stay away from anything remotely mechanical.

Like the Amish.

I should just become Amish.

SweetPea called around and found us a mechanic within towing distance of work who could check the van out today and wouldn't even need either of us there when the van was dropped off.

She called the tow guys out and stopped by to pick up whatever we needed out of the van and to hand off her ID card for the tow.

When the tow truck driver fired the van up, he said it sounded like she had a loose hose. Which is great because that sounds cheap.

The tow truck driver was kind of cute. I've noticed that most of the tow truck drivers I've dealt with are kind of cute.

And they're always so confident and...

Mechanically inclined.

I think I might have a thing for tow truck drivers.

I used to date one once.

Then again.

She didn't drive a tow truck when we were dating.

And the only tow truck driving stories she had for me involved napping under bridges when things were slow.


Does that mean I was dating a troll?

PS: Barnahbus is allegedly fixed. Of course, I have not yet laid my cursed hands upon her. So we shall see about that.

PPS: You know what? I have an entire sage smudge stick at home and I am not afraid to use it. All of it. One van.

Do you hear me, gremlins?

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dolphyngyrl said...

By the way.

The answer?

Not cheap.