Sunday, August 15, 2010

Susan B. Anthony - The Race Report

I'm not sure what all to tell you about. It is my first race report, after all.

The first thing I'll say is that I walked way more than I had intended to walk. This is not entirely surprising given the amount of slacking I did in the last couple of weeks. I also really have a hard time getting out of my head and breaking the cycle where I'm bargaining, whining, begging. I mean, really. Running's not that bad, and I wish my brain could just get the fuck over it.

Having said that, here's my stats:

9.94 kilometers in 53:10, at a pace of 5:20 per kilometer.

I have no idea how I made that pace, considering how much walking I did. As for the distance... Funny, right? The race is USATF certified, and my understanding of that is that it means the shortest possible distance you can run (cutting corners, running the inside track, etc) is 5k. So if you aren't doing those things and, if you're like me, you're drifting sides throughout the race, you're going to do, apparently, a significantly longer distance.

Either that or my Nike+ has bumped its head.

If you have clarification, that would be super.

As for the whole event, it was a great time. Buffalo Chips put on an awesome event. The goodie bags were great, the support staff & volunteers were awesome. The best part was hitting the aid station (because, yes, they had one), and seeing someone I work with - not a coworker, but someone who works the same field elsewhere in our department. It was unexpected and a good surprise to see a friendly & familiar face.

I had the best cheering squad, ever.

My Cheer Squad!
SweetPea calls me Henry. She's Hank.

Afterwards, SweetPea & I went to breakfast. I had eggs, potatoes, rye toast (I'm currently in love with rye toast) & a short stack of pancakes. Then SweetPea napped while I took care of some errands. Then we had a late lunch, early dinner at Hooters (blackened mahi sandwich, fried pickles & BEER).

Big Daddy of Blue Moon
Gawd love Blue Moon in sizes called "Big Daddy"

Then we went to play Monster Mini Golf. And hang out with "our new dog":

Hanging out with our new dog!

When we were done, I was starving! What? We stopped for a treat and then home & bed.

Had a hard time sleeping & kept waking up before finally calling it a night & getting up. Today I am so tired and still hungry.

I had been wondering about taking a rest week. I know it's typical to take a rest week after a race, but I'd been thinking that I run 5k pretty frequently, so I didn't see that I'd need to. My legs & body have definitely been telling me a different story, though. I'm definitely taking this week off from running. I'm just doing yoga, and then I might add swimming later in the week. Next week I'll start up again with week six of Podrunner Intervals. Then I can run a better race next time.

I should have more pics to share from the race photographer.

I think that's all I have! It was an excellent first race and I couldn't be more grateful to Buffalo Chips for putting on such a great event!


Syrlinus said...

Congrats on finishing it! BTW, if I had to guess, it sounds like your Nike+ is recording your step at a long pace than it is so with each step it thinks you go farther than you do. (I run into this when I calibrate my bicycle wheels with my cyclometer).

The other thing is when you started wearing the shoes: before you ran or the minute your started the run.

Either way: you finished it and that is what matters.

Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing the race and not breaking anything! I once did a 10k and broke my achilies tendon...that was my last race! Hope that helps you get over your wineyness. but friend pickels...really? yuk!! mz K

dolphyngyrl said...

Syrlinus: I have my Nike+ on my iPod, and I have to tell it when to start recording. But I guess it might have had something to do with the calibration? I'll have to check that. ALSO: How do you deal with your shoe chip in your VFFs?

MsK: Fried pickles are SO GOOD! Especially with that sauce they come with. Mmmmm! :)

paulawannacracker said...

First, I luv your blog title. I haven't had a zinger in years but I love them. Congratulations on your first run. I identified with your statement of bargaining, whining, etc. Why do we do that? I usually find the first 15 minutes of running is the toughest. Somewhere after that I lose myself in my thoughts. It's my favorite part of running.

Thanks for your funny comment on my blog.

btw--I so want a nike plus.