Monday, August 23, 2010

Gawd Bless Java, Curer of Ills


Today is the very first day of yet another school year. Huzzah.

I have no first day of school pictures. Because I am The Suck.

I did manage to get everyone off this morning without too much drama. I didn't cry. I didn't even feel the need to walk either Monkey onto campus. I shooed them each out of the van and went on my way. They'll be fine. They've totally got this.

And then I went and (finally) dropped Barnahbus off at the body shop. She'll be gone for four days. It's the longest we've ever been separated. When I saw dude climb into her to drive her away... Ok, fine. I almost cried.

Subscriptions, y'all. Not just issues.

I got a rental from Hertz, so I had to wait around for them to come pick me up. I totally did not understand, considering that there is an actual Hertz office attached to the body shop, why I needed a pick up. Were they being cutesy? Trying to make it out like they weren't really "connected"?

Nope. The Hertz office I was renting from was totally a couple miles away.


Can one of you smart people explain that to me?

I ended up with a Nissan Versa.

My rental! It's smelly. :-/

It's kinda cute, handles ok, has good pick up and hyperactive breaks.

And it's smelly.

Clearly rented previously by a smoker and it smells like it.

Granted I quit smoking less than a year ago, but old, stale cigarette smoke smell is really gross. Really. So I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed some freshly ground coffee beans. They're sitting on the dash in a small cloth bag, letting the heat from the sun spread that good smell.

Coffee beans are a great palate-cleanser. Hopefully the grounds do the trick and the car stops smelling like a seedy motel room. If not, I may drive the damn thing back & ask for something in "less stinky".

I'll let you know how that works out.

Also? Maybe I'll remember to get some first day of school snaps for you, too. Just. After the fact.

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