Friday, July 09, 2010

Week in Review

Week Four of Podrunner Intervals looked like this:

Sunday: 3.71km, 28:41 minutes, pace average 7:43 minutes per km.

Tuesday: 3.89km, 31:21 minutes, pace average 8:03 minutes per km.

Thursday: 4.05km, 30:53 minutes, pace average 7:37 minutes per km.

Yoga this week: Monday night, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Thursday night.

Sorry for the sparse posting. Things have been crazy at work and I just haven't had the time to even strangle together some thoughts.

I start Week Five of Podrunner Intervals on Saturday and will be running a full 20 minutes in a row on Wednesday. Excited! Nervous!

I also actually have a product review coming up for you soon. Nothing sponsored. I just got tired of seeing the ads and wanted to try it out for myself. What could it be? Coming soon!

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