Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Planning & Wrapup

I had to blog before I forget everything I've done.

I updated my plan post along the way, so you can kind of see how last week went.

Thursday I did do morning yoga but did not do evening yoga, even though I'm sure I should have. I also had a totally lazy Friday.

Saturday morning, however, I got up early and did the "First Day to 5k, Week One" podcast. It kicked my ass. Really? In less than a week?

Distance: 3.40k. Time: 27:43. Pace: 8:10 per km.

OK, so my pace was a lot faster than the last time. I'm guessing this has a lot to do with the asskickingness. Also, I did not have "quick burning calories" on board before this session. I keep reading about how that's a good thing, about 100 calories, some quick fuel to get your muscles started. I drink a cup of chocolate almond milk, typically half hour to an hour before I work out. I've noticed that I tend to feel a lot better when I do that.

This morning I got up and did the podcast again.

Distance: 3.85k. Time: 29:27. Pace: 7:39 per km.

The pace is faster for this one because I actually ran all of the "running" intervals. Saturday morning I really did not.

This week's plan:

Monday: 5k Intervals - Week One, Day Two; Yoga
Tuesday: Yoga; Possibly Lunchtime 5k
Wednesday: 5k Intervals - Week One, Day Three
Thursday: Yoga x2; Possibly Lunchtime 5k
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5k Intervals - Week Two, Day One

Tomorrow I'll have the Tuesday Morning Scale Check. I wonder what kind of damage Period Eating did to my numbers. Eek! Nothing to do but buckle down moving forward and plan, plan, plan!

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