Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Weekend

Thursday night was yoga.

Friday was for running around like a crazy person and the wandering around for a few hours at Dyke Night. I also ran the dog around barefoot to wind down some of her energy. It was fun! Is this a "rest day"? Ha ha!

Saturday I DID drive all the way out to Folsom for the special Summer Solstice Sun Salutations. It was my first time at the Folsom gym and it is HUGE. Two stories and, not like the Madison one, just huge, huge and bright and open. Tons of equipment and parking and the pool area is huge. The people, however... Well it felt kind of like jumping into a shark tank. Really. In reality, the ones I interacted with were perfectly kind. Just a little, uh, intense.

The Sun Salutations were done in nine sets of 12 repetitions. Of course I was the fattest one there. Of course I got THAT look from at least one person. But they don't know me. They can think what they want, but what they think has nothing to do with what I can do.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the full 108 repetitions and I was ok with that. I mean, really, I'm still mostly a beginner, right? I made it through four sets of twelve. I started the fifth set, because I was hoping to get past the halfway point. Unfortunately, some inauspicious rumblings were starting in my lower regions. The bathroom was all the way on the other side of the gym and downstairs. I figured it was better to pack it in and head back to the locker room than to push through and risk something ugly.

Still, though, I'm pretty damn proud of what I was able to accomplish. After getting cleaned up, we all headed off to the Pride festival, where I wandered around for a few hours fleecing vendors of their freebies. Happy! I even got a new water bottle from the San Francisco police depratment.

Today has been a real rest day, although grocery shopping must commence at some point. I was hoping to start week two of intervals today, since I wasn't able to yesterday. Unfortunately, I slept through my alarms. It lookes like I'll be starting that tomorrow, instead.

Oh, and I know I'm oly supposed to do a scale check once a week, but I checked in on Saturday morning after my shower and I'm down another four pounds since Tuesday! Exciting!

Monday is for am intervals and pm yoga. Can't wait!

PS: I wanted to add that I stopped at a convenience store for coffee on the way home from Folsom Saturday morning. I was so hungry that I bought a pack of crumb donettes. And then I drove them all the way home and handed them over to the kids and made myself a real breakfast.

But I really wanted those fucking donettes.

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