Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Intervals, Week Two

Monday Intervals: 3.68km, 26:03 minutes, pace average 7:04 minutes per km.

Wednesday Intervals: 3.42km, 28:32 minutes, pace average 8:20 minutes per km.

I woke up this morning raring to head out for Week Two, Day Two of intervals only to discover... Um... My iPod is at work.


So I dutifully packed my stuff into my duffle and even more dutifully (because I really didn't wanna) did the intervals on my lunch break.

You can tell by my pace average that I got my ass handed to me. I didn't even run the last interval because, at that point, it was "can I make it all the way back without puking and/or passing out?" Trying to stay in parking lots to avoid "embarrassment" of running along the sidewalk on the not-very-busy road was a bad fucking move. Of course, I don't know how much I'd have been spared from sticking to the sidewalk. Out here it's just a sea of hot ass concrete with very little shade.

My plan?

Never, ever, ever another lunchtime intervals.



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