Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Very Long Day, Indeed

Shortly after sneaking this snap, we pulled up at home. I stared at him until he woke up and looked at me.

"What?" says he. "I wasn't sleeping."

I literally fell out of the van guffawing.

Yesterday was a very long day which was preceded by a very short night. We were all very, very tired. SweetPea dozed off at Grandpa's house and also insisted that she wasn't sleeping. She did, however, permit the kids' dad to drive her van home.

After we dropped SweetPea, her van and Gomi off at the house, the Monkeys, their dad & I headed to the elementary school for Open House night. We saw lots of cool things, MonkeyDo bought a new book at the Book Fair, and then I dropped the three of them off at their dad's house. Until Sunday.

Now SweetPea and I are having about the laziest Saturday ever and doing our level best to catch up on some long lost sleep. It feels pretty good, if you must know.

Tomorrow we hit the road again to celebrate SweetPea's 35th birthday. I already know where I'm getting her cake.

1 comment:

Jude said...

LOL..what is it with people who don't like to admit they were sleeping? Too funny! Catching up on sleep is always a good thing to do.

Have fun tomorrow! And a very Happy B-day to SP!