Monday, April 19, 2010

On Inconvenience, Egos & Liability

I'm checking in because it's been a few days and there are a couple of people I know check in every day or so. I figure it's about time they had something to read.

Things are still pretty chaotic. We're still dealing with SweetPea's teeth, which is frustrating and will very likely consume its very own venom-filled post in the near future. The work that's been done so far has been highly competent, don't get me wrong, but the support staff we've had to deal with has been near nightmarish in their incompetence. I can't even begin to describe the added irritation of sitting in an office while screens flicker with bright, cheery messages about how your time is important, you've got better things to do and you just want to scream because this has already sucked ten hours out of your life AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN DONE YET.

On the plus side, SweetPea is feeling markedly better and I am very grateful for that.

On the work front, I've had some time intensive workshops recently. The one I'm in this week will be continuing every other week for about two months. The commitment of time is daunting, but I'm actually excited about it, especially after the first session today. The hardest part for me has always been the networking aspect of things like this. Remember that I am almost morbidly shy. But this is a group of people that I see a lot of in various meetings and workshops and trainings. We all do largely the same job, but in different "shops". Networking helps me to form bonds with people who can help me do my job better, and it will also help me if I ever feel the desire to jump ship.

We started today's workshop with a short speech by my Ex-Boss, who is now, kind of, my Boss' Boss. After a fashion. I don't know what it is about him, but when he talks it makes me want to do this job.

Which can be highly inconvenient to the flighty minded.

The last bit of work news that I have is that last Wednesday my Boss called me to let me know that the department is looking for experts to work on the Big Project that's the next BIG thing on the to-do list. Apparently I was asked for specifically. I suspect I kow by who. A big ego boost for me, thank you very much.

Finally, I have an issue I am hoping y'all can give me your thoughts on. MonkeyDo is 11. According to the policy at my gym, she can't exercise in the main gym, even under parental supervision, until she's 12. They say it's a liability issue with their insurance. I don't understand why I can't just sign a release of liability and call it a day. I mean, I can do that and put her in Horse Camp or on a football team or in Junior Roller Derby, why can't I do that for the gym? Am I missing something? Is this common? Are there similar rules at all gyms? Is this something I should push, or should I just let it go?

Thanks for your thoughts and I'll be back with more stories in a couple of days. When things get back to normal. Ish.

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