Monday, March 01, 2010

A Monday Kind of Blog

My horoscope for today: Your popularity can increase for the next couple of weeks, thanks to Mercury's visit to your imaginative sign. Although your storytelling will likely draw an audience, you might not have the patience to get the details straight. You would rather make your point now with an emotional appeal and leave the facts and figures for another time. You may be able to slide by without doing significant research, but don't fake the data. You'll receive more support if you are honest and just admit what you don't know.

I'm taking this to mean that my blogging is about to get really good. Or that maybe you should only kind of believe what I'm telling you and should maybe do your own research before deciding whether or not to agree with me.


I don't even know if I mentioned this or not, but my birthday was a week ago. Just two days after I buried a cat, actually.

Because I am extra fancy, I had to renew my driver's license this year and because of that little incident wherein I took responsibility for my health and vision, I actually had to go in to a DMV office for a vision test. And now I have a corrective lens restriction on my license.

Which just goes to show that you should never, ever go to any kind of doctor for any reason whatsoever.

The end.

Seriously, y'all, this has not been a good run for me as far as "routine" doctor's visits go. Between that incident at the end of last summer (which, I know, I still haven't gotten around to dishing about)(and everything's fine, btw) and now this driving restriction, I'm starting to think it's more trouble than it's worth.

Which is probably not where someone who really doesn't care for going to the doctor in the first place should be.


The reason I even brought this up is because I went last Monday to the DMV and paid my dues and did my photo and all that. It was even very late on Monday when I got to a clerk - so late they were already closed. Guess what? My driver's license showed up in the mail on Saturday! How cool is that?

Also on Saturday SweetPea and I went to the spa. We were there for over four hours because it was the only way we could resolve the "who gets Mary" dilemma.

Because we were literally arguing over who "gets Mary" for our manipedi and there was just no way I was not having Mary do mine!

SweetPea got argyle piggies!

We also each got a facial. Neither of us had ever had one, so it was a totally new experience.

I can't speak for SweetPea but I can tell you that my experience was totally OMG. My thought about facials has always been that it's mostly stuff you can do yourself at home, and, while this is true, getting a facial was truly a "worth it" experience. I definitely recommend it and, if you're local, ask for Andrea at Mellow Me Out.

Saturday night, MonkeyDo had an invitation to a birthday party/sleepover. We just found out about this Friday night when I picked her up from her after school program. I was practically knocked over by her excited friend with a verbal invitation - so I asked her to write the information down, including a phone number. Our policy usually is that last minute invitations are usually "no", but we ended up making an exception for this. It was MonkeyDo's very first sleepover party and the friend that had invited her has a twin and both girls have been super good friends for MonkeyDo for a number of years. Even when she's had problems with other, less nice "friends", these girls have stood by her and have always seemed like they have a good sense for what a friend really should be. I like them a lot.

Since we were running on short time as far as getting a present, we ended up getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that MonkeyDo picked out:

She had a really good time, got no sleep whatsoever and apparently ate her weight in sugar.

In other news, since my tax refund finally came in, MonkeyDo and I went to Fleet Feet on Friday and stumped the shoe guy. He did get it sorted, but only after disassembling the shoe. Really. I haven't even had a chance to try them out for reals, yet, but I'm excited! Yes, they are quite possibly the single most expensive pair of shoes I've ever purchased, but, apparently, some women spend this much on shoes as a matter of course.


Now if only I could drag my ass out of bed early enough to go to the gym, everything will be super.

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