Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Midweek Query

This one comes to us by way of MonkeySee and, also, every damn morning radio show locally.

Who do you think will be forgiven first: Tiger or Toyota?


FemmeFairyGodmother said...

Tiger. Nobody spent a boatload of money on Tiger like they did on Toyotas. I gotta start watching the news or getting Newsweek or something. I have no idea what Toyota *did*. I only know there was a problem because of a commercial last night while I was watching The Biggest Loser.

loki's Dad said...

Trick question. Tiger has no relevance to me and I don't care what he does. I drive a Toyota and its a great car, so they have a recall and have to fix things. It happens. I'd be far more upset if I found that they knew about it and intentionally tried to cover it up to save their profits. If it turns out that they tried to handle it quietly and avoid the bullshit american media storm, I can get that.

dolphyngyrl said...

My thought is that the only one who has a right to care where Tiger puts his, er, "Little Tiger" is his wife. Of course, I also think his wife knew better when she married him and that his wife didn't marry him for *love*, anyway, so maybe even she doesn't have much grounds to bitch.

As for Toyota, I've heard rumblings about a number of things, but I only listen in passing. I caught on NPR this morning where they were saying the only vehicle malfunction crashes that have nothing to do with operator issues are ones involving tires. The guy was saying that any electronics that should fail, there's a mechanical system in place to compensate. But operators do the wrong thing and then there's a problem.

Well. That was the gist of it, anyway.