Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bodega Day Trip

Yesterday we took a day trip out to Bodega Bay.

Very possibly one of my favorite places.

Mother Nature was having a right good tantrum yesterday. The ocean was full of tall, angry waves and the sky was moody and grey.

Most of the beach parking lots were packed with cars. Really there were sections of Highway One where any parkable surface was covered with a vehicle.

It was a gorgeous day, truly.

This is how I prefer my oceans: stormy, moody, full of passion.

The waves churned up lots and lots of foam. We stopped at one beach and it was covered in foam. There were lots of people down on the beach and lots of dogs. Everyone was out to play near this crazy ocean and explore what it was churning up. Here you can see the tire tracks of the beach ranger's truck. They were out making sure everyone was playing safe and not trying to go play in the ocean.

Overall it was a gorgeous long day. I'll have more pictures coming up as I go through them.

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