Monday, January 11, 2010

Life in the Old 'Hood

Friday morning SweetPea and I ended up in my old "stomping grounds" (i.e. the neighborhood where I spent my first few years as a state employee).

We had breakfast at Vallejo's on 4th, the site of many, many morning burrito grabs when I worked just across the street.

Behind the counter & the Ladies' Room Door

Vallejo's was also the site of many a lunch, both solo and with a group. It was even the site of the short lived Margarita Breaks. Oh, yes. We'd dash over on our afternoon break to laugh and chat and drink a quick margarita.

In 15 minutes.


Freshly made tortilla chips

I totally adore Vallejo's. They've got great food, reasonable prices and phenomenal customer service. I left our server a $7 tip on a $20 ticket. I'd have left $10, but I was having a hard enough time talking SweetPea into $7.

I am so glad they're still around and seem to be doing well. I was amazed at how much the decor was the same, as was the food. So good!

Although my Vallejo's dining experience changed considerably after I gave up meat. They make some of the best pork I've ever had. After all these years, the taste of their pork is still what I associate most with Vallejo's. It's just that good.

If you're local or you head into town, check them out. They come highly recommended by a fat girl.

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