Thursday, January 21, 2010

I can has plague?

I prescheduled this week's post thinking I'd write actual blog posts to fill in the fluff.

Then I woke up Tuesday feeling rather off and, more importantly, really, really cranky.

The cranky was sending up the most warning flags, so I went ahead and called off work. Usually SweetPea will gauge how much I need to stay home based on the Crabby Factor. Sometimes sick disguises itself as "not so much", but the Crabby never lies.

I took a nap that afternoon and woke up feeling significantly worse, and it's largely been downhill from there. Fever, sore throat, packed in sinuses congested lungs and, goddess help me, the full body aches and pains.

I woke up this morning feeling not exactly better, but with that clammy feeling after a fever breaks and that clear headedness that comes after you turn the corner. I feel mostly not quite as bad as yesterday, however my throat has been so hateful I can hardly stand it. I'm starting to get really nervous that I'll need to turn up at the doctor's for a throat swab.

On the plus side, I've had most excellent nursing care while SweetPea's gone during the day. A fat, snuggly cat is a great way to ensure you stay warm & immobile.

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