Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Growing Up Granola

One morning last week, I was woken up by MonkeyDo standing in my doorway asking me, repeatedly, if she should "use one of my napkins".

Of course, she wasn't really standing in my doorway, and certainly hadn't started her period. But it did get me thinking, so I started checking on the little stash of pads I've been building for her:

All of these, of course, from Hag Rag.

For those of you new the TMI Granola Scene, Hag Rag has one of my favorite reusable pad designs. I like that she offers a variety of sizes and shapes, and I very much like that you can use thinner or thicker liners, depending on your flow, and that the liners go inside the pads instead of on top, like some of the other designs I've seen. I don't know, that just seems like it works better and is less likely to go flopping around.

I also have this for her:

It's a "wet bag" that was custom made for me by Monkey Foot Designs.

It's got two pouches, each with a special odor and wetness proof liner, sealed seams and zippered. One side for clean pads, the other for wet pads. This will be perfect for her to carry in her backpack on the days she's on her period.

I still need to get her a larger storage bag to keep everything in, and few more pads to complete her "starter set".

But I've got plenty of time.

She doesn't get to start menstruating until she turns 35.

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FemmeFairyGodmother said...

I don't think of this as "granola" so much as ecoconscious. Which is a good thing. When my niece got her first period, my sister and I took her out for a Girls Day. She got to pick the movie & restaurant, then we went to Target and got her all the Period Essentials: pamprin, pretzels, candy, and her very first "period panties." Sis & I have very different spiritual traditions so we didn't do anything like that but I thought it was at least a good idea to make it special, as something good to remember.