Monday, December 21, 2009

Internets Radio

I try very hard not to listen to this song, but I still catch snatches of it as I flip through radio stations. And then it ends up getting stuck in my head. Which is a pretty neat trick when I haven't heard the whole thing.

I definitely don't care for this song. I mean, the bubblegum pop sound isn't so bad, but zOMG. Look, I'm all for songs that tell a story, but a song that tells a story should, you know... Tell a story. And be a song.

This song is somehow both. And neither.

It's like a song with no melody and a story with no point.

Here's a bonus for you - something I'm surprised by how much I enjoy. Also, I totally think her video director needs to go buy a new idea. It's like there was a small handful of really good ideas, and they're just being recycled over & over again in her videos. *gag*

You know what would be super effective? Tailoring the music video to the song itself. I know! What an amazing concept.


Loki's Dad said...

Funny, I love that song. I first heard it on the rock station I listen to in the morning (right after it came out) and they were raving about it. Not much of a fan of electronica either. The theme? He's just talking about some of his neuroses.
And as for Beyonce, when there's only one dimension to work with, apparently they work it to death.

dolphyngyrl said...

You know, I'd probably like the song more if I listened to it. I'm weird that way. It does get stuck in my head, even when I'm only listening to snatches of it on the radio, it's just the way the words don't really flow that bugs me.

As for Beyonce, isn't she kind of like McDonald's? It's all pretty much the same thing, just with different names?