Monday, November 30, 2009

Plan of Lacking

I was so proud of myself last week because I had written and prescheduled all these snazzy posts that were actually about stuff and not just pointless rambling. But then I spent my time building my online zoo enjoying my vacation, and didn't give any thought to what I would post about this week.


Please enjoy your totally random listpost.

1. Did I mention that a small unit of our small office has had to branch out and move to another office? Now we are officially the red-headed stepchildren who are staying with cousins while the family home is remodeled.

For reals.

It's totally weird being in an office full of people that I don't know and don't work with. Because, hello? I don't work with these people. And you know how, when you work in cubicles, you spend all your time listening to the work talk going on around you? None of it is related to us in any way, shape or form. So weird.

Although I have to say it's nice that hearing the phrase "I have to transfer you to" never means I'm about to get a phone call.

Huzzah for that.

2. Remember that time I mouthed off about how I couldn't wait to need eyeglasses? Well, in a "be careful what you wish for" moment, I've started realizing just how likely it is that I do need glasses. Now I get the joy of trying to find an eye doctor that has a good selection of frames and won't screw me over by being incompetent or an asshole.

I am so. Excited.

3. In preparation for my new Fitness Adventure(tm), I copied out pages from the FBB workout guides. I took the "warm-up" section with me to the gym on Friday (which would be my only trip to the gym for an entire week)(wow, when I take a vacation, I go full style, apparently). Most of the exercises are new to me, so I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get used to them and try them out before I "officially" start my Fitness Adventure(tm).

And then I got my ass handed to me.

By a warm-up routine.

Which then got me to thinking about how long it's been since I got my ass kicked at the gym, and I started doing some math and realizing why it's felt so much like I'm not getting anywhere with this gym thing. I've pinpointed it back to a couple of things that happened, but there should have been a point where I realized I was pretty far off track and I'm feeling kind of stupid that it took this to get me to that point.

I took the copies back to the gym today and managed to get through more of the warm-up routine, which is good. Then I put the treadmill on the "increase endurance" setting (which, in the end, seemed like a load of crap) and spent half an hour thinking about my growling stomach.

Tonight (or maybe tomorrow night), I'll be doing the grocery shopping, wherein I attempt to purchase items to "fuel" my body, as opposed to "enfatten" my body, which is what I seem to have been purchasing thus far.

4. One of the parts to the "nutrition plan" that I'm having a problem with is the "recovery shakes". She's recommending a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein (60 - 80 grams carbs, 15 - 20 grams protein). My suspicion is that adding protein shake powder to fruit juice and blending with frozen fruit would get me pretty close to this ratio. She's also recommending having them within 10 to 30 minutes post-workout. Which is when I'm in the locker room, showering and getting ready for work. When I was test driving EAS Ready to Drink shakes, I popped them in an insulated bag with a freezer pack and drank them when I got to the locker room. That's just dandy, except that the ration in those shakes isn't correct. I can make my own at home and bring it in the same way, but, um, have you ever had a blended, smoothie-style drink that's sat around for an hour or so? Ew.

5. Welcome to the part where I overanalyze part of my life because it can't ever be as easy as it seems like it's supposed to be. Hi!

6. And now I get to finish my day at work, even though my head hurts and I'd like to take a nap and do I really have to go grocery shopping tonight because the thought just makes me feel whiney.



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