Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Awesomeness

Saturday night - all dolled up.

Because I'm nothing if not totally vain and must begin the post with a photo of me, even though my face is totally post-nap puffy. Honest.

We went down by the Muffins Waxing to go visit the Studio where our prints were hanging.

And did our level best to act well behaved and professional even though photos we took were hanging on a wall with actual art from actual artists and, hello, doesn't anyone notice we're just amateurs with a good camera?

No, I have no idea if anyone ever noticed or not. There weren't a lot of people there while we were there, so I have no idea what, if anything, anyone thought of our work. But it's still totally exciting that our work is hanging in an art gallery.

Things I'm proud of:

1. Our work is hanging in a gallery for the first time ever.

2. Our work was included in an art show in a gallery the very first time it was ever submitted for consideration.

3. Making chit-chats with the Studio owner like a real grown up instead of like a big, socially inept chicken.

I also grabbed some postcards from the "freebie (promotional) shelf" and some greeting cards from other artists. I may even have a giveaway later in the week for one or more of them. But at least one is getting written in and mailed out to someone I adore very much. Wonder who that might be....


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Good for you guys fimg X

ANPfisher said...

best of luck with this!

BTW you've been tagged :)