Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Little Think Geeky


I got a call yesterday afternoon from the sleep study people.


This time, though, I'm going down there to get my very own CPAP machine! Woohoo! And my insurance covers 100% of the cost. Woohoo some more!

So now I'm all kinds of excited except for that part about how I really have to clean my room now. Because the thing about the CPAP is it just uses room air, and shoves it straight up your nose (or into your mouth, as the case may be) and, hello, can you even imagine that for someone with allergies as bad as I have in a room as filled with dust and pet dander as ours is?


Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that?


Anyway, as I was saying. Excited! Also? I'm totally anticipating that sometimes next week I'll wake up with actual, bonafide super powers.


And maybe I need a new alarm clock, because mine kind of sucks and isn't really that

Go click on that link. I've got $5 that says I can sleep through that.

Personally, though, I've always wanted a
Clocky. But I think it would just be bad news. Either it would get stuck in our carpeting or just roll its happy little ass directly under the bed, in that one corner that there's just no getting to. And then I'd have to get Betsy and shoot the damn thing.

Who wants to come spend the night?

The Care & Feeding of Young Geeks

MonkeySee went to school in
this shirt today. He got a birthday care package of shirts from Think Geek, which included this, this and this. And then there's this one, which, apparently, caused my mother no end of distress. She pulled me aside at his birthday party to tell me that she had told my stepfather that she thought it was a joke and that he shouldn't have bought it. I had to explain to her that it was a joke and that was the point.

Which is not to say that my mom has no sense of humor, just that she thought MonkeySee was kidding when he asked for the shirt and, well, no. Not so much.

These shirts are, of course, in addition to
this shirt and this sweatshirt that we got him.


That's my boy.

Did I mention that his very first Homecoming Dance is coming up?

It totally is!

And he's even got dapper duds to wear, too! And not just geek shirts. Actual button down shirts and slacks and even a military-issue trench coat.

All he needs now is a date.

OK, and a desire to go.


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