Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Post in Photos

So after being sick for a week, I felt well enough that we were able to go to Sacramento Pride on Saturday, June 20th. We spent the whole day in the sun, I really didn't drink any water, but I did drink beer. When I woke up the next day to find all my joints bloated and stiff and cranky, I thought, well, I kind of deserve that.

It took about a week and a half for the bloating to go all the way down, and, while I was on my period at the time, I doubt that explains it all.

Before you freak out, I've got a physical scheduled on the 17th, and I'll probably end up on maintenance meds of some variety. Which I'm not happy about, but, I guess, the way I've been living my life - I kind of deserve that.

So, yeah, you hear about that third Furlough Day? Um. Yeah. So you know I have some things to say about that, but, for now, I'll say I'm happy they're actually shutting down state offices again, and y'all know I've got plenty of things that I can do with an extra day off.

It does seem my building-mates are... excited?

I found this graffiti in the elevator Friday afternoon. Because, what? We couldn't have started Furlough Friday for the Holiday Weekend?

I'm not going into details, they're not important, but I ended up in Brentwood recently hanging out while someone got an eye exam. I look pretty damn cute in glasses, actually. I'd say I can't wait to need them, but I've met my parents, and time is ticking. When I told my friend I had perfect vision, as told by the optometrist at my last vision check, 8 years ago, she started laughing. What? Is 8 years really that long?

This was taken way back after my last appointment. She gave me a "prescription" because I worked at a computer all day, and she rigged the lenses so that my eyes were "relaxed" at the distance the computer screen was at. Really cute, but didn't work that great, so I stopped wearing them before long. Oh, and look how little I was! How cute!

Here's MonkeySee from dinner the other night. I was struck by how grown he looked, so I had to snap a photo. It really strikes home how he's going to be a full grown man before I know it.

I've been totally obsessed with mineral makeup for awhile now. I get it from etsy, and my favorite part is that I can get sample sizes pretty cheap. Since I tend to seriously adore colors that end up looking like ass on me, samples are super awesome for testing to see if the colors will actually look good on me or not. There are colors that end up in heavy rotation, and colors that I like that look good that just are a little too "pow" to wear daily. But I love building up my collection and I love trying out new colors.

In these photos, the colors are by moiminerals: Crystal, Bambi and Antique Red. I've got some more colors from her to try out, so maybe I'll have more pictures soon.

In case you haven't noticed, I've listed some new hair sticks over on my etsy shop.

What do you do with hair sticks, you may wonder?

Oh, like this:

Or like this:

I'm not as thrilled with the current version of the pencils hair sticks, though, so I might pull those and redo them. But they are super hot!

Yesterday morning, I got up bright and early, wrangled up MonkeyDo and headed off to the Farmer's Market.

Two failed stops later, it occurred to me that maybe it was closed because of the whole "it's a holiday, ya dumbass" thing.

Now how would I have known that? It's not like farmers take days off, right?

So I took MonkeyDo to breakfast, instead.

She was thrilled.

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