Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meandering Through My Week

Quite possibly one of the weirdest bathrooms I've ever seen:

I totally took this while on the pot.

They did this to make it handicapped accessible. The main door locks (thank goodness!), but that still just makes no sense. Why leave the second toilet? Why not take out the divider? Why does this look so much like crack monkeys did the contracting?

I don't know if this is a California thing, or maybe just a Sacramento thing, but landscapers out here, particularly of businesses, and especially of businesses with poor planting areas, have a tendency to put in those tiny little pots containing bright flowers (always annuals). Most commonly, the poor little things bake to death and are rotated out monthly. It's just the saddest and most pathetic bit of gardening ever, and the look is totally unmistakable. And it always makes me feel sad.

We have a little planter in front of our doors at work, and, yes, they put those sad little plants in there. Earlier this week I noticed that they were all doing really well, thriving, even, and had filled up the whole of that little planter with gorgeous little blooms.

And then Wednesday I came downstairs to find this:

Yup. Our fucking landscapers had torn out all the gorgeousness and installed a new, fresh round of sad little plants. And marigolds? I ask you: marigolds? Do those things ever get any larger?

On Tuesday, I stopped at the market and bought some stuff for eating at work. Breakfast stuff, snacky stuff, and stuff to make lunch with. I think I did pretty good:

My lunch the first day:

The fake chicken breast was very good. That rice mix, not so much. But super duper healthy with loads of good fiber, so I guess I should quit my bitching.

I grabbed one of these FRS Energy Drinks, because I keep seeing them advertised on fitness blogs and, hello, Lance Armstrong?

So, you know, I thought that this would be great and it would be good, healthy energy, yay me! Right?

So I drank it somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00 at work, hoping to get more pep for the last (long) leg of my day. I got home from work around 4:30, and had fallen asleep in the office chair by 4:45.

Um. Wha?

Also? It really did not taste that good.

For some reason, ever since I started working out, I have become obsessed with coffee. Not in an "oh, I'm so tired, give me caffeine NOW" kind of way. Just a WOW I want some coffee because it's yummy kind of way. It's very weird. That and my workout-induced cravings for shredded wheats. I just can't figure either out.

But I totally love this teensy little pitcher of creamer. So cute!

OMG, I totally should have put that in my purse when we left! *facepalm*

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mrsb said...

LOL! I totally took one of the tiny milk pitchers with me on my last day of vacation!

They were actually using them for syrup at the breakfast buffet. My husband knew I wanted one, emptied one out on his plate, and stuck it in his pocket. IN HIS POCKET!

Now that is love!