Thursday, June 25, 2009

Word of the Day

The Verbosery word of the day is "hypocrisy".

I'm pretty sure that everything that needs to be said has already been said by bloggers more well-written than I, so I'll just give y'all a little link dump:

Wine Dog
Loki's Dad

But since we're on the subject, what the hell is up with this? Now, the news article doesn't really show "anything" in the photos, so you can see the statue better here. It's actually really well done. As said in the article, it's not sexualized nudity. You can see more of the artist's work here, including this commissioned piece. Is it just me, or is Assumption of the Virgin standing on a waning moon? Appropriate for a Crone Goddess, but I wonder what the church would think about that?

My point is that there always seems to be a problem with non-sexualized female nudity. OK, yes, I know people have a problem with sexualized nudity, too, but it seems to me pretty ridiculous that the nude form should be such a cause for controversy.

Since we're on the subject of nudity and art and what's ok for kids to see, I'd like to point out that one of my favorite paintings, since I was small, is this one, which has been on public display at the Crocker Art Museum for years, along with other nudes both in paintings and sculpture. (By the way, if you get to Sacramento and can make it to the Crocker, I highly suggest checking this out. One of my new favorites - it's fantastic and huge.)

Why do we get in such a snit over nudity? I mean, I understand the history of America, but it's been quite a while since the time of the Puritans and the Quakers. So when are we going to get over ourselves and understand that a little nudity isn't the end of the world?

In other things hypocritical, I still don't understand why this commercial can play at any time of the day on American television, but this one cannot.


Come on.

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