Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the Want List

I definitely, definitely need a scarf.
'Tis the season for driving with the windows down, even though we now have vehicles with air conditioning.

Really, though. What feels better than cruising along with the windows down in the cool morning air when you know it's going to be sweltering by lunchtime?

Not much, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, my Curly Girl hair does not appreciate the wind blown look.

Which is why I definitely need a scarf.

Don't you think?


Freedomgirl said...

yes, just please for the love of god don't go all isadora duncan on us!! ;)

dolphyngyrl said...

Clearly, you are familiar with my particular brand of suave.

Duly noted.


Gruppie Girl said...

Great Picture!

If only I had a convertable, my hair would look like yours too.