Monday, May 18, 2009

And Back Again

OK, fine.

I'm glad I went.

Everything went smooth as buttah, and there were lots of good things.

Mostly the work-gossip and bonding that takes place when not on "work time". Also that the hotel was pretty nice, although I didn't get to take advantage as much as I'd hoped. A coworker and I discussed that, next time, we should fly out earlier in the day, so that we have more time for scoping out the meeting room and then relaxing. Meeting day is just so long that it would help having the time to slow down a bit the day before.

Also, I'd totally heard this lie about a recession? So riddle me this... Why were both flights totally full? There were three flights back to Sacramento on Friday evening, one just 40 minutes after our departure. I'm willing to bet it was full, too. How are so many people flying if the economy is so bad?

MonkeyDo is so enamored of flying, and wants to fly so much. I took some photos while we were up in the air, so she could see. I'm going to share a couple with you, because one of you seems to be under the impression that California has largely been paved over.

While there are certainly pockets of urbanity, the vast majority of California is farmland and mountains. What impressed me most was, coming back in the dark, the huge swaths of pitch black - not even a porch light or a street light.

And now it's back to the daily grind.

Wait, no. Sorry.

I took today off.

Tomorrow, it's back to the daily grind.


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Syrlinus said...

Flights are packed because of two things: cheaper fares and less flights. ;) If you travel lots (like me) you notice both.