Monday, April 27, 2009

Visible: Maria See

I asked Maria if she could provide me with a little something because I was unsure of what, exactly, I was going to say about Visible: A Femmethology.

When I began to identify as femme ten years ago, I defined "femme" as a woman who presented a feminine gender, was a lesbian, and who dated and partnered with butch women.

I am no longer lesbian-identified (I now identify as queer), and I no longer exclusively date butch women (although they still own the softest spot in my heart). I no longer define "femme" as a woman. I see femme can mean a man. Femme has become an energy that occupies the space surrounding me when I am feeling my most powerful. It's my weapon of choice for taking on this world.

I personally see the most important job of Femmethology as increasing the availability of femme resources for those who are young in their identity and have yet to find a community where they are celebrated. I was the only femme on my college campus back in 1998 when I came out as a femme lesbian, and stories of femmes in books were all I had to relate to for many years.
You can read more from Maria here.

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