Friday, April 17, 2009

Totally Random Ranting

It seems like I woke up fired up today. Maybe it was the extra 40 minutes I slept after my alarm went off? Our alarm clock is totally busted and will not snooze. I use my cell phone as a back up, and, by the time I actually woke up and got out of bed, I had managed to turn all of the alarms off.

Y'all, I am a special kind of suave.

The days that I wake up full of piss and vinegar are not good days for me to read the news. Something you'd think I'd have learned in the 30ish years since I learned to read.

Since I have clearly learned nothing, you will be thrilled to know I have a morning news round up for y'all.

"Missing White Girl Syndrome"

This article was posted over on Pam's House Blend a couple of days back.

While I totally get and agree with the media's bias in regards to posting stories about missing kids, or missing adults, for that matter, the article's use of the Sandra Cantu case pisses me off.


Well, first off because the case is so new, it's like an open wound, particularly here in northern California. So, you know... Way to fling salt, guys! What? Ran out of lemon juice?

Secondly... Little Miss Cantu wasn't white. I know, it's amazing, she looks so white. Maybe it's not something that can be picked up by people who don't live in California, so let me explain. Her last name, Cantu, is a typically Hispanic last name. Her mother's and grandparent's last name, Chavez, is a fairly common Hispanic last name. The population of Tracy is approximately 30% Hispanic, the second largest group after white. Finally, look at her pictures! Maybe that looks like typical-white-girl to some of you, but she has a fairly typically Hispanic complexion and hair color.

It's amazing, but Hispanics, much like Italians, can range anywhere from the almost-black haired, olive complected to blonde haired and pale.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, in their rush to cry "racism!", they went ahead and committed some of their own.

And, yes, that offends me.

Hate Mongering in My Town

I cannot even fathom.

The student leaders at the junior college in our area passed a resolution opposing today's Day of Silence activities.

Because "the Day of Silence has been used to silence and harass religious students at local public schools for expressing their viewpoints."

And this is the point where my brain implodes.

I'm totally speechless. No, not really.

I cannot even begin to fathom ignorance and hate to the degree where one feels that this is a valid argument against this or this or this or this.

And I know that no amount of logic or compassion or understanding will ever change their minds. Their minds are made up by their church.

So what does that leave?

I mean, I have a pair of steel toed Docs and a labrys and a pretty big dog that really dislikes men but somehow I think there's no way to put those things together in a way that will make my point while not, also, making me eligible for the wrong kind of cavity search.

I guess I'm kind of stumped.


In unrelated news, last night was orientation and registration for high school for Monkey See.

In about seven weeks, my son will cease being a middle schooler and become, *gasp*, a high schooler!

I totally have no idea when I got old enough to have a high schooler.

What amuses me most is running across information and profiles of my high school classmates on various online sites. Almost exclusively, they're either single or have small, pre-school children. I have no idea what caused such a disparity between myself and my high school peers. I mean... I know I had my kids when I was young and stupid (like you're supposed to), but I have no idea what it is that caused them to wait so long and me to not.

Not that it matters, I guess.

Really Unrelated

One of the totally random things that bothers me no end is our society's obsession with the cleansing and deodorizing of certain, specific body parts.

So I always love to see this called out on the carpet, and found this, particular, post amusing as hell.

That's It..

That's all I'm sharing, today. But I do believe that SweetPea took some great horse shots, recently, so I might just get around to posting those over the weekend.

You know... In between picnics in the park and cleavage inspections.

If I can fit it in.

PS: The thing with the comments has been fixed. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Great rant, totally justified
fimg x

Dawn on MDI said...

THIS is the stuff I like to read! Very nice! Get pissed more often, will you? Shit I got soup on the keyboard of my laptop. uh-oh.

FemmeFairyGodmother said...

Why I just found out that you liked to a post of mine back in *April* I don't know but thanks! I'm glad you found it funny. :)