Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oh, Hello, Pollen!

I totally want to file this in the "no shit, Sherlock" section, but I guess that just because I figured this out, doesn't mean everyone else has.

Personally, I just took it as part of the joys of my allergies, I didn't think it was different enough (and, really, is it?) to warrant its own classification as a Syndrome.

For the record, some of the things I like best about spring and summer in California are also the things that make me the most sick, allergy wise.

Flowers, trees, pets, and, goddess help me, keep me away from the grass! My grass allergies are so bad that, when I'm already having allergy reactions, I can't even walk on grass, or be in the area when grass is being mown. SweetPea says that mowing our lawn myself would likely send me to the hospital, and she's right... It probably would!

Once my allergies are in high gear for the season, eating things like avocados, watermelon, nuts, peaches, kiwi, even strawberries becomes almost a strategic negotiation with my body. Can I eat that? How bad will I feel afterwards?

Fortunately I've learned to read the signs my body is giving me, so I can more accurately predict the relative safety of the things I'd like to eat.

Still, though, allergies are a big problem for me. This is, literally, four to six months of my life, every year. It's frustrating, irritating and obstructive.

I mean, even if it is almost a pipe dream (at least at this point), I'd still like to run a marathon. Four months out of the year, my nose is clogged and my chest is congested... So how does one train around that?

Oh, and I was totally surprised to not see Sacramento on this chart. Really? Maybe they should come visit. I bet they'd change their minds.

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Kyle said...

I am with you. I'm allergic to pets, trees, grass, weeds.. all the things I interact with as a pet owner, gardener. My wife has taken over the grass mowing. But I still play soccer. And if I walk around barefoot or sit/lie around in the grass, I usually suffer for it. My food allergies were much worse when I was a kid, though if I go crazy with citric acid foods, I might still break out in hives.

And when the sneezing starts, I might as well just hit the drugs and call it a day. It sucks.