Saturday, April 18, 2009

Internets Radio

I totally had to put this song on last night so that I could get this one out of my head.

I have to say, though, that I think that first song would make an awesome burlesque & drag king routine... Am I right?

As for the second song.. Damn right, he should. But is anyone going to nut up and do it?


When we were on the beach last weekend, a group went riding down the beach on horseback (there's a ranch across the highway/street that offers trail and beach rides). It was really cool.

Until you got to this tiny thing who was barely maintaining control over a pretty skittish horse while riding, Oh, Hi!, right past my Monkeys!

I really wanted to tell the kids to run back up the beach where it was safer, but figured that was probably a sure-fire to completely spook the horse.

I am so glad nothing happened, because I would have hated to have had to drag that kid's parents off their horses so that I could beat them. Really.

In other horse news, I find it rather odd that, in an office of only nine people, three either own or lease horses. Even though our area is still largely rural, I don't believe I've ever worked with someone who owned a horse, much less three people, one of whom keeps hers on her property.

One of my coworkers, who is also raising her daughters by herself, had to give up two of her horses this week, because she can no longer afford them. She works two jobs and had give up or cut back on a lot of things, because her one big stress reliever, treat, whathaveyou was spending time with and on her horses. So I can imagine having to have made that decision was devestating for her.

The coworker who has her horse on her property had two horses, a mamma and her son. The mamma died a couple of weeks back. It was so sad - they actually hired a backhoe to come out and dig out a grave for her. Now she doesn't know what to do with the son, because he's kind of a jerk and now is going to be a bored, lonely jerk. That definitely does not sound like a good time!

Anywho... With any luck, I will still be in dreamland when this posts (it's prescheduled to post). With my luck, however, I'm sure I'll get to watch as it ticks live on the internet. Yay, me!

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