Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cute Vaccine

Is it possible to die from cute?

I have no idea, but those of you with weakened immune systems may want to avert your eyes.

Does it get much cuter?

It can't possibly!

These photos are part of a set done by Paul Cyr of the Maine Bear Monitoring Program (thanks to Dawn for the link). You can actually purchase prints of the photos at Northern Maine Photos, and the proceeds will go to help support the Maine Bear Monitoring Program.

Dawn doesn't believe me that I could actually do this for a living. I think I'd enjoy it.

But the very first time I came home and emptied my pockets and a bear cub fell out, SweetPea would make me quit.


Freedomgirl said...

but who's cuter, the girl or the bear cub??

dolphyngyrl said...

It's a toss up!

Maybe we need a poll? :)

Dawn on MDI said...

those bears are adorable, aren't they? And the wildlife biologists aren't bad, either. As we say here, they're "wickid cunnin' ". Not sure why we say it that way, but we do.

Laura D. said...

I was wondering about that too! She is wickid cunnin and the bears are ADORABLE

my veri-word: wigooded