Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Internets Radio

The song stuck in my head this morning is this one (I hate when they disable embedding)(have I mentioned that?). And, yes, that one scene is really hot.

On a theme, have another hot woman singing about being sober:

(ok, I'm sorry, I really do think she's totally hot in this video. Really. Um. Really)

Totaly unrelated, can you pass this test:

Food for thought.


Dawn on MDI said...

1. pink is fucking hot. period.
more hot when she's not blotto, though.
2. second one was ok hot. But one-dimensional.
3. I got the number of passes right but completely missed the bear.
That was a shitty trick.

dolphyngyrl said...

Um. Dawn? It's not like I want her around for conversation.


Anonymous said...

I got a phone call on my 26th birthday from her...


And I did too...