Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandpa's Hooters

Every day, SweetPea picks her grandfather up and drives him down to visit her grandmother at the nursing home.

Yesterday they were discussing my birthday last weekend, and how we had originally planned on eating at Hooters.

Grandpa starts talking about how they used to have Hooters lunches back when he was working.

This being some many years ago, SweetPea was a little perplexed, and asked him if he knew what Hooters was.

Grandpa responds with "sure!" and then makes a pinching gesture with his thumb and first finger and holds them up to his pursed lips, mimicking smoking a joint (marijuana)(you know).

Apparently one of the guys on their crew was into that, so he'd buy some and then share with the guys on lunch.

Grandpa said he used to go to the ATM and get $20 after $20 for it until his wife got pissed off and changed his PIN number. Then she took his ATM card and cut it up.

She told me this story while I was at work and I laughed so hard that a coworker came and checked on me.

SweetPea said they were sitting at a stop light when he made that gesture.

I can just picture her grandpa doing it!

She said that there was a soccer mom in a mini van that watched him do it and she started laughing.

There was another guy who saw grandpa do it, too, and he made a face like "what the..?"

Meanwhile, I'm laughing hysterically over grandpa and his gesture and his "Sure, I know all about Hooters!"


Because I never knew grandpa was a pothead.

Or is that Hooter Head?

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