Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Furlough Fridays? Not so Fast..

Just when you thought it was safe to make plans for your Friday, furloughs are going to court again (come on, you are not surprised).

Two unions have appealed Judge Marlette's decision (SEIU? Are you sleeping? Someone's gone to court and it's not you?)

State Controller John Chiang has asked Judge Marlette for "clarification of the breadth of the court's ruling.."

Specifically, Chiang is looking to find out if the ruling widens the governor's authority to furlough state employees that work in the offices of the state's constitutional officers.

You can read the letters that have been sent out regarding the issue here.

I guess it just wouldn't be the same if civil servants knew what was going to happen tomorrow, right?

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Dawn on MDI said...

Wow. What a pain in the ass. We went through something similar here in Maine a few years ago, complete with a weeks-long shutdown of all "non-essential" state services. Lotsa pissed off people.