Monday, February 02, 2009

California is Out of Money and Other Budget Woes

California delays $3.5B in payments

California officially out of money - "The Department of Social Services will not be getting $424 million from the state this month. That will affect everything from public assistance for seniors and the disabled, to cuts in mental health services and food stamps. The state will also hold onto a whopping $2 billion that should be paid out in February as income tax refunds. "

Meanwhile, Jon Fleischman, a Southern California vice chairman of the California Republican Party, has submitted a resolution for the Republican convention later this month that would formally censure any Republican who votes for new or higher taxes.

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I'm not sure that now is exactly the right time to discourage cooperation and encourage party line politics, but what do I know?

Then again... Isn't party line politics a big part of the reason that nobody can agree on how to deal with this budget mess in the first place?

In furlough news, the govahnator has laid the smack down on those agencies that thought they were skipping out on being furloughed.

Agencies that will be furloughed, despite previous reports are:

The Office of the Attorney General, The Office of The Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Controller's Office, the State Treasurer's Office, the Secretary of State's Office, the Lieutenant Governor's Office, and the State Board of Equalization.

Schwarzenegger loses the rank and file. Let's not forget that Mr. Schwarzenegger is a lame duck governor. He can't be elected again. Does he care if he wouldn't get the state worker vote in the next election? I'm thinking not so much.

In the meantime, over $84M was spent squabbling over the civil rights of a minority group. With the state of the economy the way it is, raise your hand if you can think of better ways to spend $84M.

Do you like a giggle? Sure, you do.

Go here and count the number of press releases related to the appointment of new officials. In January, 2009. The same month in which over 223,000 workers in America lost their jobs.

When you're done with that giggle, go here and have a look at the press releases relating to appointments of new officials, grant awards and new program announcements.

I got some great comments and good questions on the last couple of furlough posts. I'll be writing follow ups to those in the next day or two.

This evening, however, I'm going to cuddle my Monkeys and work on My Back Up Plan.

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loki said...

Guess whose rather substantial refund is being held up? Ok, we certainly won't go hungry, but there's something particularly aggravating knowing that the State took more money than they had a right to, are holding on to it, but they won't have the balls to just grow up and raise taxes (on, honestly, people like me.....)
We have a rather clever solution; elect to apply the refund to next years taxes, and jack the hell out of my exemptions so that next year I owe.