Thursday, January 29, 2009

California State Worker Furloughs - The Judge Rules - What it Means

Judge Patrick Marlette issued a decision today that Governor Schwarzenegger can order state worker furloughs.

News article

Final ruling

It's looking an awful lot like California state workers will, in fact, be furloughed.

This means that, with few exceptions, all state offices will be shut down the first and third Fridays of each month through (at least) July 1, 2010.

What offices will not be shutting down?

California Highway Patrol will not be shutting down, and CHP officers are exempt from the furlough. Other CHP employees, however, are not exempt, and will taking alternative furloughs.

"Revenue generating agencies"

Prisons, hospitals, and other 24/7 facilities

Agencies that are outside of the governor's direct jurisdiction and are, therefore, exempt from the furloughs:

University of California

California State University

Community colleges

California Public Utilities Commission

The Legislature

The Judiciary

Agencies run by publicly elected officials

What offices will not be affected by the furloughs?

Secretary of State's Office

The Treasurer's Office

The Controller's Office

the State Superintendent of Public Instruction's Office

The Office of the Attorney General

The Lieutenant Governor's Office

The heads of each of these departments, as independently elected officials, have said that they will employ other cost cutting measures that do not involve employee furloughs.

I know you know I've got a good rant brewing about all of this, but I just don't have it in me right this very minute.

I'm getting a lot of hits from people doing searches on this issue, so I wanted to at least get this information out tonight.

If you're here because of a search and are looking for information, looking for hope, or looking for a place to rant - let me know! Leave me a comment, send me an email. I'll try to get as much information out there as I can about this.

But it helps to know what you're looking to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand the facts surrounding the furlough. (1) This budget fiasco was caused by our Legislature not doing their jobs responsibly. (2) The main focus on resolving this deficit is by furloughing State workers 2 days per month for the next 18 months even though the "savings" is just a drop in the bucket ($1.3B vs. $42B). (3) The Legislature is exempt from the furlough and they can still get their full salary, full per diem, State car, and all perks. Basically, they're rewarded for being financially irresponsible. (4) The Governor's spokesperson said that State workers are being given a day off. (I find that extremely offensive.) (5) It interesting to learn that former Governor Pete Wilson is advising Governor Schwarzenegger. (Remember Pete Wilson was not successful in raiding State worker pension funds back in the 90s.) Why are there only two choices between furlough or layoffs? Why not have the Legislators give up their pay and all benefits and/or perks and be in session 24/7 until the budget is passed? I smell too many rats in the Capitol. I say vote them all out of office