Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nothing Exciting

You know, I'm starting to get the feeling that you guys are waiting for something.

Unfortunately, I've been busy working at My New Job.

It's been kind of weird, here, actually. I've received next to no training, but I already have a case load.

I mean, I'm smart and all, but that doesn't mean they do things the same way we did them at The Old Job.

I think I'll be sitting down with The Big Dogs in the morning and having a Chat about how things get done, why, and how much latitude I have to correct change them.

Not that I think I'm always right, or the only one capable of being right, but I do know there's a big difference between doing something for a reason and pot-roast reasoning.

If I think my way is better, more efficient, or just plain more soothing to my compulsive nature, and the best argument you've got is "well, that's how we've always done it," you can bet your sweet keister I'm arguing for change.

Other than illuminating bit of reporting, I've got nothing. I've been super sleepy the past couple of days and I just want to put my head down on my pink pig and have a nap.

Too bad I snore. I might just get away with it otherwise!


Did you know that the new office is walking distance to an "Extra Mile" convenience mart where I can buy a coffee, a huge cup of diet Cola, a pack of Zingers and a bear claw for about $5?



Me, either.


I'm totally adding a stop to the Gypsy Caravan Tour.

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