Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Five Question Interview

Dawn over at Weldable Cookies posted an interview-blog. She answered five questions as asked by Asthma Girl, and then asked for five volunteers to be submit to a five question interview by her. Dawn her. Not Asthma Girl her.

Here are the questions Dawn had for me, and my answers.

1. You live in the Sacramento area. Have you ever lived anywhere other than California? Any cool places (besides CA, of course)? weird ones? bad ones?

You know, it's kind of sad, actually, because I have only ever lived in Sacramento County. Of course, it's kind of big, so it might count as different states in other parts of the country.

Then again, the Sacramento area rocks. We're a 90 minute drive from the ocean, San Francisco, wine country, the mountains and snow. Our weather is fairly reasonable. We've got theatre, music, good restaurants, art, and a not-entirely-sucky public transportation system. Just about everything grows here, and we have farmer's markets packed with fabulous things. And California cheese is WAY better than any other cheese.

2.What is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen in real life (not TV, movies, etc.)? How has it affected you in the long term?

In real life, I've never seen anything that most people would classify as "truly disturbing". Which is not to say I haven't seen some disturbing things, just that most of them have been fairly par for the course for an ordinary life.

So it took me a bit to realize that I do see things that I imagine a lot of people would classify as disturbing. Or, hell, maybe they'd just classify me as disturbed.

I see spirits.

I remember this from when I was a child, but there was a long period of time where I all but blocked it out. Not on its own merits, I think, but as part of a broader blockage.

In the last few years, I've started seeing them more and more. Often, I can pick up on their presence, even if I don't outright see them. I certainly don't see them as well as others do, and I can't hear them, so I can't communicate with them (per se - but a lot of the songs that get stuck in my head are "put there", if that makes sense).

Maybe this sounds kind of like a cop-out and like it's not that disturbing. But there's something about driving down the freeway and seeing someone step between cars out of the corner of your eye that will give you a freak out that lingers. Trust me.

3. You were married when it was still legal in California. Would you ever consider moving to another state where that union would be recognized (Massachusetts) or do you think California will get its collective head out of its ass before it comes to that?

Well, if it stays FAIL in California, and passes in Maine, we're all moving in with you all. I hope you don't mind!

Actually, whether or not I can be legally married doesn't have that much to do with where I chose to live. Eventually, I would like to live elsewhere, I hope that, by the time we make that decision, we can be legally married everywhere.

Also, I do think California will get its collective head out of its ass. Or, rather, that the California Supreme Court will do what it has done before and uphold minority rights.

4. As a femme, what is the butchest thing you do regularly that you feel comfortable doing? Is there anything that is just "too butch" for you to do?

I probably haven't talked about this much here, but SweetPea is disabled. Not wheelchair-bound disabled, but there's a limit to what she can do. Bending and lifting and definitely out of the question, so I do all the lifting, carrying and anything that requires any length of time below waist-level.

Up until recently, all of our vehicles were older, so getting under the hood was a common occurrence (and I have considered taking an auto mechanic's class). I handle the yard care we do ourselves (generally with a weed whacker), as well as things around the house involving power tools.

With the exception of that one time it was a cat, I dispose of our Akita's "toys" (usually dead rats), and I've buried every pet that's died.

I guess I really don't delineate things into "butch" or not. The only things I'm particularly adverse to doing are the things that squick me out a lot, or the things where I feel particularly likely to injure myself. Because I am completely clutztastic.

5. Wanna buy a bench? What would you do with it if you did?

Yes. Well, I have seen the drawings for it, so I've definitely got some ideas. Mainly, though, it seems like it would be great for opening up avenues that just aren't that easily accessible right now. Especially given that thing I mentioned in number 4. It's adjustable, right?

(And, yes, that is all I have to say about that)

Now the "fun" part... The first five people to comment with "interview me" will be sent five questions to answer on their blog.

Which will also be the single highest number of individual commenters ever on this blog. So. You know.

Good luck!


Dawn on MDI said...

Huzzah! Well done all around!

Gruppie Girl said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Me too on #2. The ghosties tend to freak me out, but they still visit often.

Me too on #4. Sort of... Hubby has serious back issues (another surgery last Thursday). He can't do much in the way of manual labor.

My retired neighbor once told me that I "work like a man." I really don't have another option. Who else is going to rake, shovel the driveway, dig the gardens, carry the groceries, etc.

If you interview me, no bench questions. I don't want to know...

Codejnki said...

You know I'm up for an interview.