Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day Two - Moved In!

Well, day number two. I brought in the rest of my "regular" stuff. Of course, there's always that weird crap that wanders in after awhile. And the holiday decorations. But. You know. I didn't want to scare anyone right off the bat.

There's plenty of time for freaking out the locals.


Oh, look! The left side of my monitor. Where my pictures, phone, and other essentials are.

By the way, if you click here, you should be able to see it on the flickr page, with all the notes that explain what that stuff is.

Because I'm sure you're just dying to find out.

Speaking of weird crap, here's the right side of my monitor. What is all that shit? You can click here if you've really got a burning need to find out what it all is.

In case you've ever wondered, I may have a mild pen issue.

1 comment:

Corincredible said...

I have a pink stuffed pig at my desk too!