Sunday, December 07, 2008


Things you probably didn't think you needed to know:

1. I really need to give myself a pedicure.

2. I will probably sleep in my sweatshirt because I am COLD.

3. My wife is in the bedroom eating my cookies.

4. My favorite part of Christmas has become purchasing gifts for people I will never meet.

5. I did not order enough Christmas cards and will probably have to reorder by half.

6. Or double.

7. I will probably be drafting a Christmas letter to go with our cards for the first time ever.

8. I designed our Christmas cards intentionally with subtle hints about gay equality for our less open-minded card recipients. I will post the card and explain about a week after they have been mailed out.

9. I find it amazing that we regularly send out over 60 Christmas cards each year.

10. And that doesn't include the ones to my coworkers, which I hand deliver.

11. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday's Day Without a Gay. I hope to sleep through it entirely.

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