Monday, December 22, 2008

Knickers in a Knot

More State Budget Mess

California State Controller John Chiang sent a letter to the governor to let him know that, unless the governor and legislature act quickly, the state will run completely out of cash within two months.

Hey, SEIU? I don't know about you all, but I would totally take a two day per month furlough over an IOU in place of a paycheck.

Lesbian Gang-Raped in Richmond

Damn, that special place in hell is getting full.

Although I'm not sure these wastes of flesh would get what they truly deserve by putting them out in the general prison population.

So I vote we send their asses to Chowchilla. I hear there's some gals down there that know how to work a broomstick.

If you get my drift.

Revitalization Fail

Yeah, it's a lot harder to revitalize an area where the homeless hang out. I'm sure it didn't help that they drove all the businesses out so that a new developer could move in, and then that movement got stalled because of the current owner.

Empty shops + the homeless = not great for business, actually.

Which is probably something that North Highlands should have thought about before demolishing The Regency so that they could move a "sit-down restaurant" in.

Doesn't anyone stop to think that, maybe, there's a reason there's no sit-down restaurant in the area and that maybe that reason had nothing to do with the porn?

I mean... When we go out for Wednesday Night Pizza (arguably a sit-down restaurant), it's directly kittie-corner from a strip club. And about a block away from another. It's not the best area ever, but there are restaurants, and businesses are open. In fact, I can't think of an empty store in the area.

Also, look at Florin Road. Those fools have been trying to revitalize that for years, and it's still trashy. Lots of new, pretty buildings filled with spray paint and empty shops.

You just can't judge how to revitalize an area based on what's already there.

My Horoscope

My horoscope today said that I'd have a burst of energy.

Still waiting!

All I've felt like doing is cuddle the internets and nap. And I've only done one of those.

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