Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Cause That's My Fun Day

Things have been so crazy lately for us that I can hardly keep up. Winedog commented on life being a three ring circus lately. Too bad ours seems to be performing in hell.

It feels like everything keeps going wrong and that so much gets worse and so few gets better. I realized today that I have to work more on concentrating on the good. Especially now when it's feeling like there's less and less good to go around.

The truck started overheating on the way to work this morning. The fan was whirring with vigor and she was still overheating even after a fluid top off. My guess is the thermostat, which is, fortunately, still under warranty from the replacement it had in March. While that may sound bad, my understanding is that thermostats are a royal bitch and that you sometimes have to replace them more than once to get one that's going to work for you.

I really think I need to sign up for an auto mechanic's class for spring semester. I feel like I know too much and too little, all at the same time (which is, also, kind of how I feel about the internets).

Right now I'm trying to forcibly drag us through the next two days, after which we'll get to relax a little bit for the remainder of Thanksgiving week.

We applied and were approved for a car loan. In more debt is definitely not where I'm hoping to be right now, but we really can't keep dumping money into these older vehicles. I can't keep taking time off work because something else has gone wrong. And it would be really nice to be able to jaunt off to wherever and not have to worry about how far out of our 13 mile free towing radius we're getting.

We should be getting the information on that early next week, and then we can start the shopping process. I am so not thrilled about this. But, then again, I'm also kind of excited.

Tomorrow will be a (mostly) regular day. Saturday I'm working (paid!) overtime from 6am to noon, then heading home to grab lunch and the family before heading downtown for Take it to Sacramento. After that, we'll probably grab up some dinner and then we're heading to the Transgender Day of Remembrance event.

I should be good and dead on my feet by the time we get home, but it should be a good day. I'm excited about it.

Anyway, I should be off to bed. I'm sure I'll get back on the ranting wagon again soon. Oh, trust me.

In the meantime: Sleep well and kiss someone you love!

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