Friday, October 17, 2008

Internets Radio

The song in my head this morning:

Pussycat Dolls, Sway

Because that's the version I have in my shuffle. Actually, the one I have says it's the "Alternative Version"?

One of my favorite songs, but the version I heard first I heard randomly on the radio a few years back and haven't found again. It had a more mellowish/house musicy sound. I like this version's big band feel.

Although I think whoever that is that's signing it in the video totally doesn't get it. She has no concept of how to be sensual unless you're counting "practically nude in public" as sensual.

I mean, seriously. The parts where she's just staring into the camera and her eyes, it's like she's forgotten why she's there, or she's terrified and I just want to tell her that it's ok, because this isn't a mug shot and you're not getting the full cavity search next.

And I don't know, but this totally doesn't seem like the kind of song that the video should distract me with those kinds of thoughts.

Why does that song lead me here? I don't know. But I do love the feel, the era, and the big belting sound. It's the kind of song that, if I could sing, I would totally sing.

Oh, hell. I totally sing it anyway, even though I can't sing at all. Which is why you're totally glad you don't have to ride in the car when I'm driving.

LeAnn Rimes, Nothin Better to Do

And she definitely gets it.

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