Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Prefer Made in America

Yes on America, No on Proposition 8?

It appears that the Yes on 8 Campaign is having a little trouble with their campaign signs. I'd been wondering why I hadn't seen them plastered around the neighborhood.

It turns out that the signs are stuck in China.

That's right, kids. Instead of having their signs made in America and supporting the American economy, they chose to outsource their signs China.

Of course, that makes a lot of sense, considering China's awesome track record regarding factory produced items.

Why are they supporting the Chinese economy instead of the American economy?

I'm not sure. Maybe all that hate their mongering has addled their brains.

Breed Ignorance

In case you didn't already know, we at the Verbosery are owned by a pit bull. She's about knee-high, weighs about 50 pounds, and probably won't get significantly larger.

Before we rescued her from the pound, we'd known quite a few pit bulls. One of the things we love most about them is how enthusiastically they love people. Any people. Old friends or perfect strangers. Pits love people and they are not afraid of looking completely ridiculous in their excitement about greeting people.

Which is what makes this story so heartbreaking.

An officer shot and killed a 55 pound pit bull after the dog "lunged" at him.

A 55 pound dog is not very big. Look at the picture. In that bag is a dog that is not very big.

Do police officers not get pepper spray or tazers in Florida? Could the officer think of nothing else to do, no other way of diffusing the situation?

My guess is that this particular police officer was too breed ignorant to know that the pit bull probably wasn't a threat to him.

There is way too much negative fixation with pit bulls. The news is so quick to report the attacking pit bull, but how often do they investigate the dog's home and family life? How often do they look beyond the breed of the vicious dog and see the negligent owner behind the aggression?

The Lick Test

SweetPea brought home some interesting pencil cases the other day. They're made from used drink pouches stiched together to make a pencil case.

It's a great idea and a super way to upcycle items, plus the company that makes them will pay organizations for turning in the used items they make their products with.

No I have no idea what all they do once they receive the used items for production. I tried watching the video, but it didn't seem very informative.

The issue I have, basically, is that the pencil cases seemed dirty.

They weren't still sticky or wet or anything, but neither did they seem to have gotten a very thorough cleansing before being stitched together as a pencil case.

SweetPea, being SweetPea, decided to give them the ultimate test.

She licked one.

Let's just say it didn't pass the taste test.

It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how I feel, exactly about using a pencil case that makes me feel like I need to go wash my hands.


Gruppie Girl said...

Oooohhhh. That is nasty gross.

Let us know if SweetPea comes down whith Ebola or something yucky. ;)

dolphyngyrl said...

Yeah, she's pretty gross.

I mean, she won't touch anything when she uses a public restroom, but she'll go ahead and lick the weirdest stuff.

Like that time she licked the statue in the museum.

Anonymous said...

Hey... In my defense... I was testing an old addage...

"Tastes like it looks... Feels like smells"...

Something to that effect...

The statue LOOKED sparkley... But didn't TASTE sparkley...

Just dusty...


PS Gruppie...

No Ebola in me yet... Oh yeah... and It's one of those in the moment things too...

Not everything gets licked...